Simple and straightforward. By typing the /map command, you will gain access to the complete list of all game features.


/heroes inventory

In the Heroes Inventory you will find a complete list of all the heroes you have collected during your adventure.

/heroes formation

In the Heroes Formation you can strategically position your team of heroes for upcoming battles.

/heroes journal

The Heroes Journal serves as a comprehensive list of all the heroes that can be found in Herocord.

/heroes awaken

Discover the path towards your heroes' true power, leading them through the awakening process.



The Adventure serves as the main storyline of Herocord, giving you the opportunity to advance and progress while earning rewards and loot.



The Backpack serves as a convenient storage space for all your currencies, hero gear, and hero tokens.



The Merchant serves as the primary shop in Herocord, offering you the opportunity to purchase currencies, hero gear, and hero tokens, as well as other valuable items.



The Portal is a special building in Herocord that allows you to summon new heroes and increase your hero collection.



The Shrine is a unique building in Herocord that allows you to disassemble unwanted heroes in exchange for a rare currency.



The Saloon is a dedicated area in Herocord where you can complete various missions and quests in exchange for rewards.



The Lagoon is a unique area in Herocord where you can toss a coin into the fountain and receive a reward from a pool of items.



The Mystic Tree is a spiritual area in Herocord that allows you to offer a specific item in exchange for a chance to win hero tokens or even an entire hero.



The Babel Tower is a challenging area in Herocord that consists of multiple floors with increasingly difficult enemies.



The League area is a dedicated section in Herocord where you can join or create your own guild and embark on daring quests with fellow adventurers.



The Stadium area is the dedicated PvP (Player versus Player) section of Herocord, where you can compete against other adventurers in exciting battles to prove your skills and earn valuable rewards.


/globalhub (coming soon)

The Global Hub area is a unique section in Herocord that allows you to trade your goods with other players from around the world.



The Citadel area is a test of strategy and endurance against escalating challenges. Build a squad, earn Viper Plates, and grab exclusive rewards, all within a 24-hour cycle.



The Treasury is a special feature in Herocord that rewards players with valuable currencies for logging in and playing the game on a daily basis.



The Masteries area is a section in Herocord where you can complete various tasks and challenges that take place throughout your experience in Herocord.



The VIP area is a special section that offers exclusive benefits and rewards to those who have shown their support towards Herocord.



The Account area is where you can customize your game preferences, notification settings and more to make your Herocord experience tailor made to you.